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delectable dinner

by on December 10, 2009

technically, being a baking goddess, i should stick to sweets and such. but i am working on expanding my cooking skills as well (one day, i hope to just be a ‘kitchen goddess’) (or ‘culinary goddess’). and my parents’ blessing of a good metabolism will only carry me so far – if all i do is bake yummy sweets, i will rapidly stop fitting into anything in my closet. i cannot afford that. therefore, last night, instead of my promised “stress-busting cookies” (that’s tonight), i made a real dinner. i used this recipe from bon appetit’s website. it looked to me like it would have some heat.

now, i am housesitting this week. so i had to make a list of things to bring from my own kitchen. which means, instead of chicken with garbanzo beans and tomatoes, we just have chicken with tomatoes. also, not as much garlic as the recipe calls for. but, i found that this was an insanely easy recipe to execute – if you are like me and a bit hesitant to dive into making your own dinners because of the time it takes, this took me maybe 20 minutes to prep, and 20 to cook. a few pictures to walk you through this delicious process…

all the ingredients are in this picture, i promise. chicken, olive oil, paprika, cumin, garlic, yogurt, tomatoes…the garbanzo beans are sitting in my pantry at home. oops.

once you mix together the spices and the oil, you get this gorgeous mixture. i admit to a bit of alarm at how much paprika goes into this, but it just heats up the dish and i really liked how the spice worked with the tomatoes.

a tablespoon of the spiced oil gets mixed in with plain yogurt. i got an individual sized cup of yogurt and used all of it – this mixture eventually gets spooned onto the plate next to the chicken, and acts as a nice way to cut the heat of each bite.

raw chicken is one of my least favorite things ever. i am not fond of snakes or touching raw chicken. actually, there is a decent-sized list of things i do not like. but we’ll stop at those two. however, i braved the horrible sensation of raw bird, and put these three breasts on a baking sheet. the recipe called for four chicken breasts, i only had three. pour the tomatoes (which have been mixed around in the spiced oil) all around the chicken. i was worried i’d end up with exploding tomatoes – this did not happen. thank god.

and, dinner! yummmmmm. i think adding the garbanzo beans in would have made this a better cold-weather meal, with just the tomatoes it was a bit more summery. but, i still really enjoyed it.

tonight i will be baking my staple, chocolate chip cookies.


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