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tales of kitchen failure

by on December 16, 2009

i do not have the energy to bake anything tonight, loves. it’s exhausting. first off, i usually have music playing while i’m in the kitchen – which means dancing, which takes a lot out of me. also, i have a tendency to forget to follow the recipe instructions, and then i get frustrated. usually, i just forget to, say, sprinkle butter on top of apples before putting a pie crust on them. however. occasionally, i forget….more important steps. what follows is such a tale. (there will be more tales, no worries)

a few weeks ago, my co-worker/ friend c came over to have a baking fest so we could properly thank the undergraduate students who work for us. we made delicious cookies from a recipe of c’s grandma, and found a recipe online for peppermint brownies (link will be posted when c tells me where she found them). peppermint brownies. mint. chocolate. delicious.

first off. this recipe called for 2 cups of chocolate syrup (or, an entire bottle). when we started pouring that in, jamelle’s comment was “that is disgusting” and he swore never to eat one. there was also a lot of butter. by the end of making the brownies, i felt somewhat soaked in butter and sugar.

we put the brownies in the oven. we collapsed in front of the tv. ten minutes in, c went to look at the brownies. “tess, they look raw”. (this really should have been a clue).

when the 25 minutes of baking were up, i opened the oven. i noticed two things. one, the brownies were not cooked. two, the oven was decidedly…cold. we never turned the oven on. we assumed it was on because (1) who forgets that step? and (2) we had just used it for cookies.

needless to say, we fixed that problem and properly baked the brownies (which were delicious, though one bite was a sugar rush to remember). we also laughed for about ten minutes straight.

i will probably make food tomorrow as i am baking goodies for co-workers’ holiday presents, and that will take a while. tonight, watching ‘happy feet’ and writing 6 billion holiday cards.


the baking goddess


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  1. Catherine permalink

    Considering our state of mind that night, the fact that the food came out even slightly edible is a Christmas miracle.

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