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holiday baking update

by on December 22, 2009

virginia is still under an icy blanket, and i am getting ready to go to my parents’ house for the holidays.

hold on. some sort of epic crash outside makes me wonder if the roof just fell off.

no, roof is still there. god, i hate snow right now. if i hear “let it snow” on the radio i will actually lose it.

alright, sorry, back to your regularly scheduled rambling. so, i’m hitching a ride with my mom’s friend (who has a 4WD truck), who has been helping my mom get to town from our home out in the sticks. i’m bringing a pie pan and random baking goodies, so expect a lot of posts while i’m home. i have my eye on a few recipes of my mom’s, and we may try for a CookieFest this year. last year a bunch of the girls i grew up with came over, and we made all kinds of cookies. granted, they’re calling for ice and wintry mixing on christmas eve, sooooo CookieFest may not happen. but, i promise to be baking loads of good things.

have a happy christmas, if you celebrate. if you don’t, then happy holidays in general, and happy spending-time-with-family.


the baking goddess


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