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things to be grateful for

by on February 4, 2010

i am going to actively work on not whining about the impending snowstorm.

“work on”, i said, not “stop altogether”.

but, i do have things that make me happy this evening.

first, i’m grateful for housemates who bring me flowers after witnessing the pathetic mess i was post-dentist. to that list, housemates who dig my car out of snow, and housemates who feed me, and housemates who make plans for girly martini nights.

second, i’m beyond pleased that my dental work this morning was free. i wasn’t expecting that. i thought it would be nice, but i didn’t think it was realistic. he even filled another “almost-cavity” for free. bravo, sir.

third, i’m very happy that i got the last ten-pound shaker of rock salt for our driveway. two feet of snow? not going to melt itself.

tomorrow morning, i’m putting on my apron and making lily biscuits. jamelle bought good bacon to eat with the biscuits. should be a very nice start to our snow day.


the baking goddess


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