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in which lent makes things difficult for my blog

by on February 17, 2010

i know a good number of people who are giving up baked goods or snacks or sugary things for Lent.

um. that is a problem.

so i think that instead of my eating everything i bake, which would be a bad thing, i may spend the Lenten season using this blog as more of a train-of-thought blog than a baking blog. there will be occasional baking posts, but in the interest of not adding much more to my winter padding, this will be a blog dedicated mostly to my rambling. which, let’s face it, i do a lot of rambling as it is.

speaking of winter padding, i need to renew my gym membership. i very rarely weigh myself and instead decide it’s time to be a bit more exercise-friendly when clothing is a little snug for my comfort. and given that we’ve have eleventy-nine snowstorms this winter, and winter is not over yet, i’ve pretty much spent the entire season eating. instead of blaming this on lack of self-control, i’m saying that it’s actually an instinctive reaction. evolutionarily speaking, wouldn’t it behoove you to eat a little extra and thus build a natural barrier between the body and the extreme cold? i think so. see, i’m just in tune with my instincts. i’m not overly prone to eating whatever i crave.

if i were a religious person, i would probably be wise to give up my mad skills at coming up with reasons that i am allowed to eat everything in my sight.


the (rambling) baking goddess

ps the puppy is snoring and it is terribly cute


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