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does chocolate mousse count as a baked good?

by on February 18, 2010

i really hope chocolate mousse does not count as a baked good. i got the most incredible craving for it today while i was driving. actually. let’s be honest. i was standing at the gas station, filling my beast of a car with fuel, and the thought popped into my head that i could totally go for mousse.

my head can be a very scary place.

so yeah. i’m making chocolate mousse this weekend. if i have to eat it ALL BY MYSELF, i will.

also, finding a gas station at 4:30ish today? next to impossible. gas station number one was crowded and has a limited amount of space for the driving-challenged to perform an eleventy-point turn in order to get in line for overpriced gas. so i nearly drove into a goddamn snowbank as i left that place. fail. i then forgot to turn into gas station number two, so that wasn’t so much “impossible” as it was “i was distracted by a song and forgot how soon that turn was after the light”. the third gas station was apparently invisible to everyone else, so i went there.

i finish housesitting tomorrow. as fun as it is to have a puppy and two cats and a huge house in a posh neighborhood, and feel grown-up, i miss my housemates. and my own bed. so i’m looking forward to being home. i will spend the weekend doing an obsessive cleaning of everything. i may take pictures, so you can all see how insane i really am.

oh. and one last thing. a plug for a new blog (not new as in just-made but new as in, i only discovered it yesterday). this blog is run by miss banshee, who, from what i have read, is pretty fantastic, as people go. there is a lot to her blog – humor from real life, sad things from real life too, and possibly my all-time favorite recaps of the bachelor EVER. anyhow. read it. if nothing else, she makes me laugh, and sometimes (all the time) i just need to laugh.


the rambling baking goddess

p.s. dear spell check, NO i do not want to make “chocolate moose”, that sounds like a terrifying life experience.


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