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too much food…all of it fried

by on February 22, 2010

well. i am in a food coma, officially.

to celebrate a friend getting into grad school, and our group’s surviving monday, we went to happy hour at a local irish pub. i got a bbq chicken quesadilla. and then i helped eat some hot wings. and then i tried a fried mac-n-cheese wedge. and another. and had two beers.

i’ve been home for maybe two hours, tilted sideways on the couch, trying to not die. i have succeeded, and sort of rallied. i mean. i’m upright. and i am typing in full sentences. and i don’t feel quite like i might just vomit on EVERYTHING.

and, against all odds, i want to make a good mac-n-cheese now. not fried. but you know, chock full of good cheese, and bread crumbs, and spices. though let’s be fair. i will probably survive on lettuce tomorrow in an effort to let my system recover from the Fried Food Extravaganza this evening.

oh, and mom? i’m sorry the olympics made you cry. bob costas knows how to tug at the heartstrings, and i am pretty sure they only allow athletes with tragic life stories compete. love you. sorry dad and i are so callous and unmoved.


the goddess whose eyes are too big for her stomach


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