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free sangria (swoon)

by on February 28, 2010

our saturday lunch excursion far exceeded our expectations. we arrived at calle ocho, were surprised at how big the restaurant was, and were looking forward to good spanish food. then our waitress BLEW OUR MINDS. she suggests some food options, then oh-so-casually says, “and the free, unlimited sangria is over there, as you know”. we looked at her as if she had started speaking in tongues. to our delight, we had stumbled upon the best thing ever – order an entree, have access to free, unlimited sangria. a buffet of sangria. eight kinds.

i ordered a breakfast burrito – i recommend it, if you are ever here. chorizo, eggs, spicy salsa….lovely.

molly got the cuban sandwich. i tried a fry – whatever spices they used, all i can say is ‘yum’.

two of the three types of sangria that i tried…mojito sangria, and fresas sangria. also tried the roja. i’d recommend the fresas – raspberries and blackberries are excellent sangria fruit choices.

our view of the sangria buffet. we overheard such brilliant comments from people stumbling past us…the “boozy” conversation from yesterday, and one where all i heard was a woman telling her male companion “i just want you to be satisfied”. uh, okay.

the attempt at going to five napkin burger failed, since there was a two hour wait. ended up at kefi for greek food – i tried the flat pasta with braised rabbit. i had some qualms about eating bunny, since i had pet rabbits when i was a kid. but, um, and maybe this will put me on the fast train to hell, but y’all? bunnies taste REALLY good. especially when spiced well.

had good southern fare (!!) for brunch today, then we’ll do dinner somewhere tonight, not sure where.

it is power nap time.


the baking goddess


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  1. Heather permalink

    If I had eaten what you have eaten over the last few days, TLC would need to make a new show – Half Ton Heather.

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