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nature is a terrifying beast

by on March 5, 2010

i have decided not to post the gory details of the bird murder scene at my office today, but trust me when i tell you that it was DISGUSTING and i am in need of therapy now.

nature. it is beautiful. but i think i would prefer it in smaller, less bloody, doses. hiking! kayaking! camping! done right, those activities do not involve dead birds outside office windows.

oh, and i suggest searching for “blackbird pie” on the internet. there is ACTUALLY a recipe for pie. made with 25 freaking blackbirds. that cannot be legal.

anyhoodle. i will make something later this weekend. tonight i will be lying on the hardwood floor with a heat-pack on my neck, since i am pathetic and managed to wrench some very important muscles. suggestion – if you see my car parked somewhere, keep in mind that i cannot look to the right and have resorted to the time-honored tradition of reversing my vehicle and saying little prayers that no one is driving towards that side.


the wounded and traumatized goddess


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