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brownies a la lily

by on March 16, 2010

the original recipe is located here

here is what i did. pre-heat oven to 350

chopped up four ounces of unsweetened chocolate. forgot (twice) that i was working with unsweetened chocolate, and tasted it. that is a habit, y’all. if there is chocolate, i will absent-mindedly eat a piece of the chocolate. i also do not learn lessons very well. clearly.

chopped up a stick of butter, put that in the double-boiler

melted it completely. forgot that it was not sweet. tasted it. made a face.

poured the butter/chocolate into a bowl, let it cool for about five minutes

added two cups sugar. tried not to flinch at the fact that i have almost gone through a five pound bag of sugar in…a short period of time.

stirred. that gets really thick.

added four eggs.

mixed that together

added a bit shy of one cup of flour.

once that was stirred together, i poured in semi-sweet chocolate chips.

baked for 45 minutes

hello, beautiful.

i haven’t tasted these yet. i will go do so NOW and report back momentarily.


the baking goddess


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