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things that make me happy

by on March 20, 2010

because i know y’all woke up wondering “what makes the baking goddess smile from head to toe?”

because, in my tiny little pea-sized brain, everyone out there is just dying to make my life even more amazing.

this is clearly why there is a line of menfolk standing outside, just waiting to take me on a date.

oh, that’s a depressing and very sarcastic look at my life.

ok. things that make me use CAPITAL LETTERS and lots of !!! and make me kind of obnoxiously bouncy

1. coffee. good coffee. mocha. occasionally i’ll get drip coffee, but then i can start to feel my eyelashes because that much pure coffee and my entire system is put on vibrate.

2. shoes! good lord. all you have to do is meet me more than once and one thing that stands out is “jesus god almighty, how many shoes does she have??”. the answer is “i’m not sharing that information, thank you.” seriously. i’ll share my weight and all kinds of things a lady should never tell, but number of shoes? nope. sealed in a vault, babies. (rational voice: do you know how many shoes you own? me: um, also not answering that)

3. puppies! i am not a cat person. but puppies! i kinda prefer canines to humans, in general.

4. good wine. enough said.

5. sunshine. today, for example, the weather people say it will be around 74 out. yeeeek, that’s lovely!

6. a good book. i cannot get on board the e-reader train, y’all. i love a book. old books smell musty, and have dog-eared pages from previous readers, and sometimes the old owner wrote something in the margins, like “remind r to check 332” and you have NO idea what that means…but then it’s just like an extra story in the story you have. and new books! oooo, i love a new book. to be the first person to claim that particular novel? divine. the pages are crisp, sometimes you get inky fingers…sigh.

well. today i will be donning a pretty spring sundress (!!!), big sunglasses, getting a mocha from a local coffee shop (the one i go to on the weekends is adorable, and the cashiers know me well enough to notice when my hair changes color, and then they compliment me) (i love small towns), then i’ll go to barnes and noble (because now i want a book)….and who knows! a haircut.

currently, i feel like this:

a delightful combination of a sheepdog (or, well, cousin itt) and just generally kind of frazzled. i want to feel less like a canine and more like a person, thank you.

ok. i have rambled enough. i am off! have lovely saturdays! i will post pictures from the day…including whatever i do to my hair.


the baking goddess


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