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fun with cravings

by on March 23, 2010

yesterday i would have committed crimes to get my hands on some bread.

today? today i want olives. green olives. stuffed with pimento.

and i want that now.

i also want a recipe that uses bittersweet chocolate.

i firmly believe in giving into my cravings, too. i saw an episode of ‘house’ where a kid craved salty food and his mom wouldn’t let him have any, and house had to figure out why the kid was in a coma. and he needed salt because of a deficiency in…something. AT ANY RATE. i believe everything i see on tv. and so. if i do not get pimento-stuffed green olives, i will probably have a crisis of sorts.


the baking goddess


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One Comment
  1. TOTALLY a believer in the importance of following cravings!

    And I recommend just using bittersweet chocolate in chocolate chip cookies… And putting some pecans in them… At least–that’s what I did the other night to satisfy a similar. And they’re amazing.

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