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tess versus the demon car, part one

by on March 28, 2010

(this is a two-part series. the next part involves my fully freaking out about the car’s newest trick)

in november of 2008, i noticed that my beast of a car was shaking violently when i was driving extra-slowly.

then, it went away.

so i figured i was imagining things, and went on my merry way.

until january of 2009, when, while flying down the highway at 55, the violent shaking started up again, the check engine light came on, and i nearly had a heart attack. my dad came to the rescue. we replaced one fuel injector. my car has six, apparently.

all was well in the beast of a car.

then the summer rolled about. and the shaking began again. and the light came on.

so, back to the dealer. i dropped it off, went to the beach, and three days later, got a phone call at 9 am from the dealer. never a good sign.

the remaining five fuel injectors needed to be replaced. which they were. to a very expensive tune.

so. not good, right?


but hey. the car has been behaving since then. and with the exception of needing new front brake pads and one rotor, my beast of a car has been a golden child.

i should not trust vehicles.

to be continued…


the baking goddess


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