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i have very odd favorite things

by on March 31, 2010

so while on my lunch break, i ran into a co-worker. we had a mute exchange of hellos (he was on the phone, so we waved at each other).



he made a face at my choice in afternoon snack!!

you see, i adore these little asian rice snack thingies. one grocery store sells them with wasabi peas, another just does fun shapes of rice crackers (dosed with soy or something, ohmygod i can eat an entire bin of them). today’s pick was hapi snacks (japanese, i think), the tokyo mix. SO GOOD.

granted, they sort of smell terrible. vaguely fishy.

but. soooooo delicious.

anyhow. i am a picky eater. but when i find what i love, i eat ALL OF IT ALL THE TIME.


the baking goddess


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