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song of the day

by on April 13, 2010

less than enthused about my allergies this morning. cannot stop coughing, which is SO attractive. slash, i fear a giant blob of pollen is permanently in my lungs now. and i’ve heard horror stories about that kind of thing leading to people growing TREES in their lungs.

TREES, people. i probably have a small forest growing in my lungs right now.

there is a reason i’m not allowed to watch “house” anymore. i have actually called my mother well after she went to bed to ask if she thought i might have cancer in my leg.

the answer was “no, you’re clumsy and probably walked into a piece of furniture, that’s why you have a giant bruise and lump on your leg, now let me sleep”.

i am such a wonderful child.

anyhoodle. i’m rocking the combo of coffee and anti-histamines today, so i’ll be wired. should make interviews amusing…


the baking goddess

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