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in which i nearly humiliate myself completely

by on April 21, 2010

a nearly-sordid tale.

because i am INCAPABLE of multi-tasking

i left work (in search of the chai tea latte) (delish)

i got into my car

i determined, as i drove away from the office, that it was hotter out that i had anticipated, and my cardigan (the only one i own) was unnecessary.

so. i go to remove said cardigan. AT A STOPLIGHT, i am not stupid enough to try this while driving.

and, with great skill, i grabbed not only the cardigan, but the sleeve of my shirt, and pulled mightily.


near public nudity. my brain was in CHAI TEA LATTE NOW mode, and so all that registered was “huh, why is it so damn difficult to remove this cardigan?”.

brain was also in “OMG I LOVE THIS SONG” mode. can’t help it.

then it clicked. and i stopped. i returned my shirt to the “on” position (so clever, i know), and delicately removed the offending article without, y’know, being naked-ish in my car

so yeah. not exactly a thrilling near-humiliation, but there was a good moment of concern when it occurred to me that my shirt was well on the way to being removed.

sigh. i got skillz, yo.


the baking goddess


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