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early-mid-afternoon conversation with myself

by on May 10, 2010

i mean, is 2 pm early afternoon? it isn’t mid-afternoon. i sort of think 1 pm is early, and 3 pm is mid, and 5 pm is late afternoon. so 2 pm is early-mid, and 4 pm is EITHER late-mid or maybe it’s actually early-late?

oh god. y’all see what it’s like inside my brain? sorry, kids.

anyhoodle. here is an early-mid (or late-early) afternoon conversation. with myself.

voice one: ah, crud. i am tired.

voice two: nope. it is not the time to be tired. up and at ’em, cowboy.

voice one: cowboy? do you SEE me wearing chaps and a ten-gallon hat?

voice two: do you SEE me rolling my eyes? get crackin’, child.

voice one: you cannot tell me what to do. i am just going to stare out the window morosely

voice two: MOROSELY? woman. fool. things are good. stop your moping.

voice one: it is so pretty out. i want to be outside. or sleeping.

voice two: you are moping because you have…what, two and a half more hours of being inside? followed by, oh, three hours of sunlight? STOP IT. you are an embarrassment to this establishment.

voice one: we’re an establishment now? huh. does that make us legally nutty?

voice two: good gravy, you’re obnoxious.

voice one: yes. yes, i am. i want more coffee

voice two: no. no more coffee.

voice one: fine. then i want chocolate.

voice two: no, no chocolate either. no afternoon snacking. it is BAD for you.

voice one: okay. fine.  but this afternoon (the late afternoon), when we get home? and you’re asleep ’cause you wouldn’t let me get coffee? i’m totally getting a slice of chocolate cake and slathering it in frosting.


the baking goddess


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