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song of the day, and an apology

by on May 19, 2010

i love you, artie.

one of my housemates said that it’s a shame that artie cannot walk, since the kid can dance like no one else i’ve seen. damn straight. except, to get all wise about it, that was the point of this song. see what could be, but can’t be, and get all weepy. not that i did. i don’t cry. no tear ducts.

kidding. obviously.

also, i apologize for being MIA recently.  things have gotten crazy (in a really good way, i promise), and i don’t particularly plan to discuss it on the blog because, well, if you’re a friend, then you know, and if you aren’t, i’m not going to tell you, so HA! and also i don’t want to jinx things.

just. things are very good. so my lack of blogging is not due to tragedy, i promise.

really. i either come home and sit on the couch and then cannot move from the couch because it is very squishy and right in front of the TV and i cannot make it to the kitchen to be all domestic. OR i come home and then leave because i have a date with a real live boy.

anyhow. that’s all.  no mas. i will bake things but if ANYONE tries to get all interrogation-y on me on my blog, i will do an entire post about that makes me very grumpy and i do not like it and i might even call you out and HUMILIATE you on my blog. to all six readers. (if you feel like being super-nosy you can email me, if you can even do that from the blog, and i’ll send you a VERY personalized grumpy response about how you ought to get a life and stop wondering about mine so much).

yes, my caffeine has kicked in. why do you ask?

okay. i’m done rambling now.


the baking goddess

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