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things that make friday all kinds of awesome

by on June 18, 2010

lists! i love them.

1. the new girl at the coffee shop gave me two shots of espresso instead of the usual one shot in my dirty chai. YES.

2. raspberry yogurt for breakfast. delicious. also, hell of a lot healthier than a croissant or a donut.

3. outside is no longer at 120% humidity. choirs of angels sing with glee.

4. i have a bag of peaches at home just waiting to be made into something delicious.

5. it is friday

6. pandora keeps playing depeche mode, and this makes me happy

7. SNEEZE. okay, less awesome.

8. i am running out of things to put on the list

9. but i love lists!

10. i’m done now

11. i swear


the baking goddess


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