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the pigeon hole, charlottesville va

by on January 31, 2011

sunday, the gentleman friend and i went to a relatively new restaurant in charlottesville for brunch. now, charlottesville has something like the highest number of restaurants per capita, which is (1) insane, (2) a blessing and a curse. sometimes a horrible restaurant will pop up and stay due to the economic power of drunk college kids. i can’t really say much on that, i’m certain that my inebriated undergraduate food decisions have helped keep some places around. and sometimes, great restaurants go completely unnoticed because, well, drunk undergrads, etc etc. also, when every other building in town is a restaurant, you can overload and just not care.

this, folks, is a case where a great restaurant needs to stay. please. go there. eat everything. tell your friends.

a friend told us about the pigeonhole (their website is here) at a viewing of mega-python versus gatoroid. she said she knew the owners, that they had done a great job renovating the interior of a building on the corner, and we should check it out. so we did!

and oh, i am so glad we did. first, i went to high school with one of the owners, which is totally awesome. here’s a quick shot of some of the interior – bright, cheery, a kind of diner vibe without feeling greasy.

any place that paints bubbles on the bathroom door wins my love.

i am battling the mini-plague, so went with tea. excellent tea selection, for what it’s worth. let’s see. things that charmed me. water is served in mason jars. mismatched silverware that appeared to be real silver. funky salt and pepper shakers. one of the owners was chatting with a guy near us about using his massive coaster collection in the restaurant, and their website asks for local art submissions. that kind of effort to bond with the community is great.

i went with a classic breakfast – french toast with warm spiced apples and grits. this was a good breakfast. not the best french toast i’ve ever tried, but good and delicious. the grits, though? i would come back to just order a bowl of the grits. or two bowls. or three. i do not know what they do to the grits there, but holy lord they are SO GOOD.

to the gentleman one table over who asked “what’s a grit?”…i’m sorry that you are so sheltered. you missed out if you didn’t get grits.

i completely plan to return for lunch one day. sometimes, it takes a brand-new eatery a bit of time to hit its stride. in this case, the pigeon hole has found its stride already – good southern-inspired food. what it needs is the love of our community. so go for an inexpensive lunch with a friend, take a co-worker there, send everyone you know there.



  1. this made me crave grits. a good place to try next time i’m home 🙂

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