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red velvet cupcakes with dark chocolate center

by on February 9, 2011


i do not like to brag on myself, but sometimes i worry about how things turned out, and today? today i ruled the kitchen. these cupcakes are legitimately my all-time favorite, my roommate told me she’s never had a better one…it was a nice ego boost.

dear grad schools: accept me and i will bake you cupcakes.

i used martha stewart’s red velvet cupcake recipe (here), but used butter instead of vegetable oil. a few reasons – i prefer the taste of butter in baked goods to oil, i like the crumb of a butter-based treat, and oil-based baked goods just have a greasy feel to me. butter-based ones taste right. the internet suggested that i sub in 1 1/4 cup butter for every cup of oil. i did a direct one-to-one ratio and was pleased with the results.

i also used my own touch – a dark chocolate snuggled into the middle of the cupcake. let’s take a look at how this went down.

chefs call this the mise en place, or at least food network chefs do. i call it “getting all the ingredients out ahead of time because i do not like going back to the pantry every five seconds”.

dry ingredients: cake flour (pop quiz, kids, how do you make cake flour when you do not have any?), salt, cocoa powder.

butter and sugar, beaten till fluffy in the standing mixer.

add in two eggs, one at a time…

plus vanilla and a good deal of red food dye. i did not edit this very much, because i like this image a lot. but it was bright – just not QUITE this garish.

pop quiz – how do you make buttermilk, loves? you should know this.

mixing flour and buttermilk in (alternating, of course)

add baking soda and vinegar to a bowl, stir, add to batter and beat briefly.

best method for this was to have me on batter duty – fill it halfway, have my roommate add a chocolate, then i covered the chocolate so that the cupcake tin was filled 3/4 of the way

out! i’m not sure why they’re marbled, but i like the look.






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