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thoughts on sandwich failure

by on March 4, 2011

so i’ve been trying to be really good and bring my lunch in every day instead of spending a kajillion dollars on sammiches (as delicious as they are, i am trying to have money for when i FINGERS CROSSED go to graduate school and am officially poor).

but today?

today is friday. and pay day. so i thought i would treat myself to a delicious sandwich from a local place WHICH* I SHALL NOT NAME because i really do love them.

i got a sandwich with brie and turkey and sliced apples on ciabatta bread. grilled. f’ing deliciousness. nom nom nom.

except. the brie was sliced too thick and so it was like a brie and turkey and sliced apples on ciabatta bread WITH brie-flavored grease. grilled. less nom, more sad.

sooooo yeah. now i’m grumpy. and it is sunny out. and my desk is all covered in paperwork and the air is ROARING because it will never ever get fixed

and i have ‘thriller’ stuck in my head for reasons beyond me. but the ‘thriller’ and ‘heads will roll’ mashup from glee has baffled my brain so much that it’s just stuck in a loop

i need more coffee

i have started having stress dreams about getting into school. great.

on the plus side, the ridiculously cute dog loves me the most because i freed her from the holly bush when she got alllllll tangled up in that last night and the neighbor was giving us the side-eye for, i dunno, making the dog sit in a bush? come on, dude. the dog smelled something good, and went into the greenery, and came back out having wrapped the leash ALLLLL up in the branches and she isn’t too bright sooooo i had to wrap a blanket around myself and go free her. we aren’t being mean to the dog. she just cannot find her way out of a paper bag.

and it’s the weekend, so i see the boy, and that is always good.




*uh, can someone please tell me if that should be “WHO” or “WHICH”, since my brain is divided on what sounds better?


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