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delicious, delicious cake

by on March 11, 2011

so, this looks like i ran over it with my car, right?


it’s not PRETTY

but you know, whatever. i loved this cake

it wasn’t too sweet, so i put about seven pounds of frosting on it

i’m trying to find the recipe. somewhere on martha’s site. SOMEWHERE…

FOUND IT. be excited. here it is…the recipe!

so, yeah. nothing fancy, right? but it tastes divine, and here’s evidence, from like, five seconds after we started eating.

YARGH why is this photo not in my flickr stream? (so apparently i now do live blogging? sorry. i just have a lot of thoughts in my brain, soooooo today they all come out at once. deal.)

aaaaaaaaaand ta-da!

you know. i’m not REALLY live-blogging , because it’s like 9:30 in the morning, and i’m planning to set this to post around lunch or so. sorry. i lied.

okay. sorry. FOCUS. here’s the remains of the cake

yeah. we demolished that ish.

okay. go have a lovely day. if you know folks in japan and other areas affected by the earthquake/tsunami, know that i’m keeping y’all in the light.




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One Comment
  1. Rachel permalink

    What is the recipe?

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