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dinner with friends

by on March 11, 2011

this happened, like, seventy years ago, i’m just LAZY

anyhoodle. a few billion weekends ago, the manfriend and i invited our friends a and k over for to nom some delicious food.

roasted pork loin with roasted potatoes and carrots. holy LORD this was so, so good.

there was a great deal of wine consumed, too.

ever wonder what pork loin looks like while it roasts in its own juices? WONDER NO MORE. also, look at the pretty carrots!

this is mostly a picture i took after i realized we did not have a picture of the loin after it was done cooking.

loin is a funny word. loin loin loin. loin.

sorry. i have not had coffee today and that appears to have adverse effects on my brain.

anyhow! next post of the day will be the cake i made.




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