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how to brown butter

by on March 16, 2011

browned butter is a useful thing, y’all. it adds a nice nutty flavor to things – but a buttery kind of flavor, still. i made browned butter brownies with it a while bac (that post will be later on) and OHMYGOD yum. you will also find that lots of pasta recipes call for browned butter sauces of one type or another. i really want to try a browned butter sage sauce.

browning butter is relatively easy, but you do need to lurk by the oven stirring and staring.

this is one stick and two tablespoons of butter, i think. ish. chop it into equally sized slices – this ensures that the butter will melt evenly, which is crucial. turn the heat to medium.

you can see here that every pat of butter is melting at a pretty even rate – they’re sinking into melty goodness as one.

the butter will foam up, then the foam will clear. STIR STIR STIR. once the butter starts to turn a bit brown (this is the milkfat cooking up), you’ll see it start in the middle – like in the above photo. let the brown spread a little, then OFF THE HEAT OFF OFF OFF.

and voila! browned butter. if it goes much darker, you get beurre noire, which you can use, but not for anything you want to use browned butter for.




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