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feeding my roommates

by on July 21, 2011


*tap tap* is this thing on?

erm. hi, food blog. i’m sorry i forgot you exist.

clearly this blog is no longer a baking blog, i’m considering turning into a general “i ate this, it was awesome” blog (name suggestions welcome) (oh also? the male roommate mentioned in this blog became the manfriend) (SCANDAL).

today’s post, my tentative foray back into this beautiful blog, is about making mussels in spicy red sauce (recipe here) for two of my roommates.  this post will be heavy on photos (taken with my phone, so forgive the quality), and light on the instructions.

twelve gorgeous minced garlic cloves. i smelled like garlic for a few hours after this.

squished plum tomatoes in their juice. you totally get to get your hands dirty with this one.

onion! carrots! chopped.

bay leaves in olive oil

sauteed garlic in oil with bay leaves. this smells really, really good.

oregano. tons of it.

throwing in the onions and carrots.

if i could, i would bottle and sell the aroma of this deliciousness.

add in the tomatoes, let boil for ages and ages and ages.

set out bowls and wineglasses. forget to take photos of mussels in the sauce. oops.

delicious, boiling red sauce.

anyhow. there are no photos of the final result, but it is so easy to make! and so delicious. and mussels aren’t at all scary, so go make them. also, crazy cheap.




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  1. Megan permalink

    See Tess Eat? ❤

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