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about the baking goddess

who is she?

23 year old woman in virginia, recently (ish) graduated from college, working in research and eventually going back to school for a teaching degree of some kind.

why ‘the baking goddess’?

a very wise man called me that the other day. and i love being told that i’m the best at something.

why the blog?

well, my escapades in the kitchen are usually amusing, so that’s part of it. the idea is that, odds are, someone who reads this will also be a 20-something who wants to have some kind of hands-on task. i have no eye-hand coordination, so construction is out for me, so my hands-on hobby is the kind that leads to delicious food. and hey, i’ve got a barrel full of neuroses all ready to be fixed through good, old-fashioned food. food cures everything.

who is the male housemate?

the male housemate is just that! i live with two guys and two girls in a very happy house in a college town. we’re like a tv sitcom. this particular male housemate is what one could deem a cooking god. soooooo it makes sense that he’d contribute to this blog. and it helps that he has more blog skills than i do, so he’ll be holding my hand along the way.

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